Korea Economic Daily 2017/03/14, "Animal Welfare" Breeding Amounts to 0% AI, Food-and-Mouth Disease Rate

In celebration of Finpro's launch of meat and spirits, Finland's Minister of Agriculture and the Environment, Kimmo Tiilikainen held an interview introducing Finland's animal welfare system and its result in food hygiene. The article highlights Finland's system of 'one health' applied across all lives including animal, environment and humans leading to little or none livestock related disease outbreaks, which Minister Tiilikainen credits the government's 100% compensation plan and people's awareness of food hygiene. This gathered effort of raising healthy animals, coupled with Finland's natural clean environment brings Finland's high quality organic meats and clean beer from the Baltic Sea. Learn more on clean eating here

Chosun Ilbo 2016/12/09, Whisky equals Scotch? Try Irish Whiskey

Marking the Irish whiskey brand and world’s oldest whiskey distillery Bushmills’ launch in Korea, the brand’s Master Distiller Egan speaks on behalf. Bushmills is introduced as a renown icon in history to the present representing Irish culture and pride. The uniqueness of Irish whiskey including the subtle difference in taste and 3-times distilled process compared to the twice done Scotch whisky is explained by Egan. Cultural differences of drinking at bars in Korea and Ireland is added for fun insight by Egan’s bar-hopping experience in Seoul’s hottest night spots. Cheers for the whole story.

In Korea’s No.1 newspaper Chosun Ilbo’s online and print version

Chosun Ilbo 2016/11/9, Spongy Tangzhong bread takes on mass popularity

Bread & Co. standing advisor and Bakery & Pastry Master Hun Yang Ihm explains the popularity behind the brand’s Tangzhong bread - made with boiling water to create gelatinous dough mimicking the texture of rice-cake to better suit Asian taste buds. Bread & Co.'s authenticity is highlighted by casting Master Ihm to speak on behalf of the brand. Get the loaf here 

In Korea's No.1 newspaper Chosun Ilbo's online and print version


“2016 JEJU Food & Wine Festival (JFWF)”

It was a grateful opportunity to promote the first JEJU Food & Wine Festival this year and we are ultimately please to share the moment with you.

"The first Jeju Food and Wine Festival (JFWF) takes place on Jeju Island, off the southern tip of South Korea, this year. The festival brings together famous chefs from Korea and abroad, and unites them on Jeju Island. The festival offers sumptuous cuisine and sparkling entertainment, capitalizing on the fresh and seasonal ingredients unique to Jeju, and the island’s lively and welcoming spirit.

JFWF is a nonprofit cultural festival designed to showcase the outstanding quality of Jeju’s agriculture, fisheries and livestock sectors. It also contributes to the promotion of next-generation Korean culinary talent; upgrades the local MICE sector; and boosts the overall tourism and gastronomy sectors on Jeju Island."            

  -from the official JFWF website


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