Korea Economic Daily 2017/03/14, "Animal Welfare" Breeding Amounts to 0% AI, Food-and-Mouth Disease Rate

In celebration of Finpro's launch of meat and spirits, Finland's Minister of Agriculture and the Environment, Kimmo Tiilikainen held an interview introducing Finland's animal welfare system and its result in food hygiene. The article highlights Finland's system of 'one health' applied across all lives including animal, environment and humans leading to little or none livestock related disease outbreaks, which Minister Tiilikainen credits the government's 100% compensation plan and people's awareness of food hygiene. This gathered effort of raising healthy animals, coupled with Finland's natural clean environment brings Finland's high quality organic meats and clean beer from the Baltic Sea. Learn more on clean eating here

KBS 2016/03/24, 130 years of Korea-France Diplomatic ties... Sharing the "Vision for the Future"

In celebration of the 130 years of Korea-France diplomatic relationship in YR2015-2016, Institut Francais held 'So French Delice', a French gastronomy festival. Nine Michelin Star chefs and famous French and Korean chefs came together to present dishes marrying the best gastronomic expression of the two countries. Jean-Marc Ayrault, French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, and Byung-se Yun, Korean Foreign Affairs Minister, each shared their respective country's views. Chef Thierry Charrier was scouted to speak on behalf of the successful event. Bon appetit and click for the whole story. 

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